Remove I/I where it makes sense

We believe that Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) should be removed where it makes sense. Therefore, we have developed a tool, InflowGo, that reveals where capacity problems are best solved by removing I/I. The tool also shows where the savings achieved by reducing I&I are greater than the costs of removal.

Always up-to-date analyses at hand

Boundary conditions change quickly and wastewater systems need to keep up. Whether you are faced with new urban development, new environmental regulations, new political winds or new climate change predictions, InflowGo helps you stay on top. The economic and service-related consequences of changes become apparent through intuitive graphics.

Infographics for shared insight

Dynamic infographics makes it easy to see where and why I/I should or should not be removed. The intuitive illustrations improve the dialog between stakeholders.

Be the expert of your wastewater systems

As municipality or utility, you are the expert of your own wastewater systems. Retain and strengthen this expertise within your own teams: let InflowGo do the routine work and get more time to explore the solutions of the future.

The right perspective for the issue

The issue at hand determines the relevant perspective. Issues may relate to delivering the required level of service, reducing environmental pollution, minimizing investment costs, maximizing asset lifetime or reducing energy consumption.

Follow impacts and meet your goals

Are things moving in the right direction? When have we reached our targets? The continuous analysis of operational data makes it easy to follow-up on the impact of individual efforts. The desired goals are converted to KPI's in InflowGo so its easy to see when goals are met. Experience from both your own and others' efforts are used in InflowGo to improve both impact forecasts and suggested actions.

Browse between past, present and future

InflowGo is made to understand the present with the aim of exploring and planning the future. In this context, one often needs to go back in time to past analyses or even to a specific event. With InflowGo you have got the past, the present and the future at your fingertips.

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Our pioneering subscribers

Nodra, Sweden

Nodra provides water and wastewater services to Norrköping Municipality in Östergötland, Sweden.

NK-Forsyning, Denmark

NK-Forsyning provides water and wastewater services, power and lighting to Næstved Municipality in southern Zealand, Denmark.

Frederikshavn Forsyning, Denmark

Frederikshavn Forsyning provides power, heat and water services to Frederikshavn Municipality in northern Jutland, Denmark.

HS-Vesi, Hämeenlinna, Finland.

Hämeenlinna Seudun Vesi Oy (HS-Vesi) provides water and wastewater services to it's three owner municipalities Hämeenlinna, Hattula and Aka.

Tårnby Forsyning, Denmark

Tårnby Forsyning provides water, wastewater and district heating to Tårnby Municipality in the heart of Greater Copenhagen.

Technology from your digital future

Inflow and infiltration in the cloud

InflowGo is a cloud service designed to help wastewater utilities incorporate inflow and infiltration in their continuous planning. InflowGo continuously receives existing data from flow meters and pumping stastions in the sewer network. Users see the analysis reports in their web-browser.

You configure and you modify

InflowGo is user configured and user maintained. It is easy to configure sub-catchment stations, add new stations or modify existing stations when new measurements come available or when equipment has changed. Should you need it, WaterZerv's support is always available and included in your subscription.

Data Analytics at its Best

InflowGo builds on a combination of the most recent research in the fields of flow data analysis, urban hydrology and hydraulics, pattern recognition, rainfall-runoff modelling, parameter estimation, optimization routines, data assimilation and parallel computing. And your data is spiced up with data from global and local climate and weather models.

Seamless Integration

InflowGo's browser based user interface is tailored to give you insight into inflow and infiltration. You can also seamlessly integrate InflowGo analysis results into your existing GIS tools through InflowGo's standard WMS server. InflowGo also provides a REST API for a tighter integration with your existing asset management or CCTV tools.

Our innovative partners

InnoBooster, Innovation Fund Denmark

Innovation Fund Denmark is investing in InflowGo through the InnoBooster program (Sept. 2019 - Aug. 2020). The investment will boost InflowGo's automated delivery using artificial intelligence to further develop the exceptional user experience.

DTU Environment, Denmark

Improving the relevance and output of InflowGo with their scientific and engineering know-how under a project co-funded by the Danish Ministry of the Environment (2016-2017).

Danish Ministry of the Environment

Supporting the development and demonstration of InflowGo at WaterZerv, DTU Environment and Tårnby Forsyning (2016-2017).

Water DTU

DTU Environment and DTU Compute are helping to improve the mathermatical and engineering methodologies behind the InflowGo analysis under a project co-funded by European Fund for Regional Development (2017-2018).

European Fund for Regional Development

Co-funding Water DTU's work in improving the mathermatical and engineering methodologies behind the InflowGo analysis (2017-2018).

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About WaterZerv

Water research going to waste.

At WaterZerv we believe that only a fraction of scientific, mathematical and engineering research within the field of urban water management is exploited to its full potential.

Putting water research to work.

Our ambition is to mobilize these large pools of knowledge to create real value in the world of urban water.
InflowGo is our first. More will follow.

With utilities, researchers and partners alike.

Innovation comes from people working together. People working at the intersection between the problem and solution space. It is in this space we love to work with utilities, researchers and partners alike.

Founded on 25 years plus in water

Morten Grum, founder and CEO of WaterZerv, has 25 years plus experience in urban water management. His experience spans across specialist assignments in EU, US and Asia to dedicated R&D collaboration projects leading to new innovative solutions including award winners. He holds a PhD in environmental engineering and recently completed an AMBA accredited MBA in Innovation Management. Morten has co-supervised countless MSc, PhD and post-doc researchers, is author/co-author of plus 40 peer-reviewed articles and is external examiner at leading universities. Beyond urban water management, Morten has a solid background in mathematical statistics, software engineering and business development.

A strong advisory board


Owner PJ Consult



Chairman Synch Law

Lawyer with a flair for technology and innovation

Hartvig Jensen

Founder Jensen Grill

Serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist


Co-founder Scarab Solutions

Entrepreneur and data scientist

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